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Moab Mania: Jet Turner Testimonial

moab-trailsThis was my first year on the Moab trails with my new Bomber. I was able to clear obstacles that I need assistance with last year on another manufacturers bike. We rode three tough/technical trails on three separate days and the bike was ready for more (wished my body was!). My Bomber worked flawlessly.

I would highly recommend ReActive Adaptations bikes to anyone looking to get back into the outdoors.
I am a incomplete Quad and I have upper body strength issues. Jake was able built the bike with a lower range of gearing to compensate for my lack of power. I am not a racer and all out speed is not my primary concern. The reward comes more from being out in the fresh air/blue sky and working through challenges that come up on the trail. Hand cycle mountain biking takes a lot of seat time to gain the skills required to pull off some of these maneuvers but, FAILING a move only better prepares a person for the next attempt!

Jake, Thank you for your MB technical guidance during the Moab Mania adventure!

“You know what ‘FAILING’ stands for? It stands for ‘Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth.”
Gary Busey