David’s Illusion Crabapple Bomber – Off Road Handcycle

Typically I post info and pictures on some of the more….’specialized’ builds we do that might include options for quad grips, or quad brakes or electric assist and the more standard builds get no love.  Well, here’s David’s new Bomber and she’s a beaut!   Here are some of the specs.


  • Standard 24″ wheelset with Rhynolite rims, DMR hubs, Schwalbe tires, and DT Swiss Spokes.
  • Truvativ handle bar, FSA stem
  • Shimano Alfine 8 internal rear hub and Alfine trigger shifter.
  • Schlumpf Mountain Drive with 27T ring
  • Rock Shox RL shock
  • Illusion Crabapple Green Powder coating
  • Carbon fiber seat and knee rests with premium foam and washable covers.

Noble Paws Electric Fat Tire Bomber Off Road Handcycle

Check out the Noble Paws (http://noblepawsalaska.org/) Electric Fat tire Bomber off road handcycle!  500 watts of fat tire fun up in Alaska!  Comes complete with Surly fat rims and tires, a Falco 500W electric assist kit, a tow hook welded to the main frame to allow the Noble Paws dog sled team to help the participants.

The Noble Paws goal:  “To help people experiencing disabilities discover new forms of mobility and independence while engaging with the natural world through the use of a team of sled dogs.”

For more information about this awesome organization, go to http://noblepawsalaska.org/.


The Fusion Off Road Foot & Hand Trike

At the end of 2012 June and Michael approached ReActive with a request, to build an off road handcycle that she could also pedal with her right leg.  June had already ridden the Adaptive Sports Center”s (adaptivesports.org) Nuke off road handcycle but wanted a recumbent trike that she could propel with not only her arms but with her right leg.  Hence the Fusion was born out of necessity.

The Fusion is an off road handcycle equipped with a prototype 4-link rear suspension, a 22 speed drive train with ultra low gear ratio, adjustable carbon fiber seating and much more.

Recently June and Michael have included their own upgrades including a custom green and black paint job, upgrades idler pulleys, braided housings, custom stickers, multiple gear racks and holders and much more.

In the past year June has more then put the Fusion to the test with perfect results!  Check out some video of some adventures.




Corbin’s Fat Bomber

Corbin's Fat BomberCheck out Corbin’s Bomber, a machine that’s able to convert from standard size 26″ mtn biking wheels/tires to 4.8″ monster fat tires!  This is a sick ride!  Here are the specs:

  • Shimano XT 10-speed drive train coupled with WTB 26″ wheelset, Continental Tires
  • Shimano Alfine 8 internal Hub coupled with a Surly Clownshoe Rim and Surly Lou rear tire, Marge Lite front rims with 3.8″ Sruly Knard front tires.
  • Custom green paint job (with gold metal flake)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm front rotors and 160mm rear.

Bruce’s Tricked Out E-Nuke

So, possibly the coolest most tricked out Nuke yet, Bruce’s E – Nuke!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Fueled by a Falco 500W Electric assist system.  Complete with multiple levels of assistance, regeneration, and throttle.
  • Crank grips by QuadGrips.com
  • Brand new Quad Brakes, make by Quadgrips.com in conjunction with ReActive Adaptations.  These babies are powerful and connected to hydraulic brakes.
  • Custom matte Olive green and satin Black powder coat paint job.
  • ADI seat back, carbon fiber seat pan, Schwalbe tires.



Bruce's Tricked Out E-Nuke

Rosa’s Nuke “Expedition”

Did I mention we do custom?

Our good friend, Rosa, repeat customer and all around swell lady, came to us a couple months ago as said, Jake, build me a handcycle that I can tour the back country with.  I want something that I can pack my tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, etc etc….you get the point.  O and I need to be able to get deep into the back country so I need electric assist!  Hmm, how about the Nuke “Expedition”?



26″ Surly rabbit Hole Rims (Gold Blingy) with 2.75″ Surly Tires.

Bionx Sl350 Electric assist Kit

Surly Rear Rack

Bike-On Ergo Grips

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

ADI Contour seat back



Rosa's Nuke "Expedition"

Jeremy’s Blue Nuke

Just completed Jeremy’s Blue Nuke.  Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a good looking and very capable off road machine.   Enjoy riding those Idaho trails Jeremy!  Jeremy's Blue Nuke

The Stinger – Mountain Recumbent

During these last couple of months we have been honored to fabricate a custom off road foot pedal trike for Cpt Shoe.  Cpt Shoe is recently retired from the US Marines.  Unfortunately Cpt Shoe was injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq where he sustained many injuries including paralysis to his left side and TBI’s.   Due to these injuries, riding a 2-wheeled up-right bike was difficult so a recumbent trike was needed.  But not just a standard recumbent, but a badass off road recumbent capable of getting Cpt Shoe back into the outdoors and riding mountain bike trails with his friends and family.  Here you go Shoe, tear up trails on this Stinger!!!

Some of the details include:

  • Surly Clownshoe rear rims with 4.8″ Lou tire.  Surly Marge Lite front rims with Knard 3.8″ tires.
  • Race Face primary crankset with small ring gear for low end gear.
  • Custom Carbon Fiber seat pan (by ReActive) and ADI seat back with Active Contour.
  • Shimano Alfine 11 rear hub with Alfine trigger shifter.
  • Tektro Hydraulic brakes (front and rear) with custom brackets made so Shoe can use both levers with right hand.
  • Custom Carbon fiber arm rest for Shoe’s left arm.
  • Surly rear rack to haul the essentials.

For more information about the Stinger, please contact us at reactiveadaptations@gmail.com.

The Stinger - Mountain Recumbent




Cheryl’s Convertable Fat Tire Nuke – Off Road Handcycle

Cheryl”s brand new Nuke off road handcycle.

Comes complete with:

  • Second swing arm allowing the Nuke to convert from 24″x2.4″ standard mountain bike wheels to Surly Clownshoes with 4.8″ Surly Bud/Lou tires!!!!
  • ADI AL Series “Active” Chaque fois que vous appuyez sur ce bouton, l’appareil soit vous fournit les pieces via un slot collecte, ou appelle un prepose a vos mains sur vos gains. Contour seat back, a new option for the Nuke.
  • Custom over-sized triangle bag (not pictured) to store you jacket, personal items, lunch, etc.
  • Rear rack to carry extra cargo.
  • LED head and tail lights.
  • Bike-On Ergo grips at the main crankset.



Cheryl's Convertable Fat Tire Nuke -  Off Road Handcycle

The Klondike Crawl & the Capable BOMBER Off Road Handcycle

So we get a lot of questions from both AB and disabled riders.  Probably the most asked question is “Where can you ride that thing?”.  Our Answer, ANYWHERE.   At this point, the questioner rolls their eyes and in their mind they remark “yeah right”.   Well, it”s true.

Last week we had the opportunity to ride Klondike Bluff in Moab Utah.  Typically the Klondike Bluff ride is a great beginner ride for handcycles with some great entry level technically problems.  This year, due to high use from 4×4″s and excessive rains, the trail out to Klondike slickrock had some really tough and technical crawling problems.

The pictures below show the crux on the Klondike trail.  A 15-16″ tall shelf with a 10 – 20% sandy approach grade.

Pictured is a modified Bomber with 26″ wheels for frame of reference.


The Klondike Crawl & the Capable BOMBER Off Road Handcycle