Rosa’s Nuke “Expedition”

Did I mention we do custom?

Our good friend, Rosa, repeat customer and all around swell lady, came to us a couple months ago as said, Jake, build me a handcycle that I can tour the back country with.  I want something that I can pack my tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, etc etc….you get the point.  O and I need to be able to get deep into the back country so I need electric assist!  Hmm, how about the Nuke “Expedition”?



26″ Surly rabbit Hole Rims (Gold Blingy) with 2.75″ Surly Tires.

Bionx Sl350 Electric assist Kit

Surly Rear Rack

Bike-On Ergo Grips

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

ADI Contour seat back



Rosa's Nuke "Expedition"