The Start of a Good Thing

hello world and welcome to ReActive Adaptions!  my name is jake o”connor and this is an on-going blog to keep the world informed as to what we”re doing up here above 9,000 feet!


just completed sit ski carts for the adaptive sports center and mike browne.  they turned out well and the new latch mechanism works like a charm. with the huge amount of lessons the ASC seems to have online casinos these days, our sit ski carts are going to be used a lot!

congratulations to  Ann Yoshida who just purchased a Bomber, our new off road handcycle!  it just arrived in carson city nevada and it”s on it”s way to hawaii in just a few days.  eventually Ann and her  Bomber will make their way to korea for the next year.   congratulations ann and good luck!   have a great time riding your beautiful new off road handcycle.