Cheryl’s Convertable Fat Tire Nuke – Off Road Handcycle

Cheryl”s brand new Nuke off road handcycle.

Comes complete with:

  • Second swing arm allowing the Nuke to convert from 24″x2.4″ standard mountain bike wheels to Surly Clownshoes with 4.8″ Surly Bud/Lou tires!!!!
  • ADI AL Series “Active” Chaque fois que vous appuyez sur ce bouton, l’appareil soit vous fournit les pieces via un slot collecte, ou appelle un prepose a vos mains sur vos gains. Contour seat back, a new option for the Nuke.
  • Custom over-sized triangle bag (not pictured) to store you jacket, personal items, lunch, etc.
  • Rear rack to carry extra cargo.
  • LED head and tail lights.
  • Bike-On Ergo grips at the main crankset.



Cheryl's Convertable Fat Tire Nuke -  Off Road Handcycle