Scott’s Nuke E Specs – Off Road Recumbent Handcycle

Check out Scott’s new Nuke E (Electric) Off Road Recumbent Handcycle complete with BionX electric assist hub style 350 watt motor with 29lb-ft of torque and range of 56 miles. Other highlights include carbon fiber seat rest, carbon fiber seat pan and carbon fiber foot holders. Besides the BionX, the drive train includes a Schlumpf Mountain drive and a 9-speed free wheel (free wheels required to interface with BionX hubs) all controlled with a SRAM X.9 shifter and derailleur. Scott’s Nuke comes to a stop with Magura BIG hydraulic disc brakes on the front and an AVId BB7 mechanical disc brake on the rear. Finally, Scott’s Nuke comes complete with a rear air shock allowing 4″ of rear wheel travel.


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